Logistic Solutions

Although we do not act as distributor of the medical devices nor are we part of the design and manufacturing we're able to connect all links in the logistics chain by using our unique logistics application (web-based). This application system is very user friendly and gives you as manufacturer full access to your logistics in and or outside the EU whenever and wherever you want. 

We provide intermediate services of the transport and storage of i.e. high-quality, sensitive, medical devices. This includes a specialize warehouse where trained staff knows how to manage and handle medical devices and related products.

In addition to the locations and working methods, Warehouse Management Application (Klairy) in use is designed so that all parameters are always registered for every product and archived. This historic logistic information is always retrieveable for i.e. notified bodies, competent authorities, and the FDA.  We are familiar with issues as FSCA, FSN, recall, risk- and quality management.

Warehouse and logistic solution activities are under ISO 13485 su


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